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Ask sth For sB

为某事叫某人;叫某人来做某事 ask sb for sth (为了)某事要求/求某人 ask sb to do sth (要求)某人做某事

原文是 :ask somebody for something. 翻译:向某人索要某物。 如果你想请人帮忙应该这样说: 1 Can I ask you for a favor? 2 I want to ask you for a favor. 1 ask somebody about something. 翻译:问某人关于某事 2 ask somebody to do so...

ask sb. sth. 是双宾语结构, 意思是 “向某人求某物”或 “向某人询问某事”。例如: Tom asked her pardon.(汤姆请求她的宽恕)。 You should ask others the way to the station. (你应该向别人打听到车站的路) Ask sb about sth想某人打听关...

ask sb.for sth 问某人某事 双语例句 1 You will have to ask David about that. 那件事你得问戴维。 2 Use these meetings to hone your story and practice responding to the types of questionspublic investors will ask. 利用这些会面的机...

ask sb for any advice ask sb for any helps ask sb for a favor ask sb for any information

请求某人某事。eg:ask you for money 向你要钱

问“某人”关于“某事” SB=somebody Sth=something 采纳,谢谢!

ask sb for sth 向某人要求某物,直接跟名词即可 ask him for that red book 如果是跟动词,则是ask sb to do sth 希望对你有所帮助。如满意请点击下面的“选为满意答案”按钮,谢谢您!

ask sb to do sth是要求某人做某事, ask sb for sth是向某人索取某物。没听说过有ask sb for doing sth这种用法

ask for 有索要,请求的意思 比如ask for a heip 就是请求帮助 ask sb to do sth是让某人做某事的意思. 比如:my teach asked me to finish the task tomorrow 意思是老师让我明天完成任务 明白了吗


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